Welcome to drkurtz.de!  I am Dr. Jeffrey Kurtz, the “Box Doc” and I created this website to help the people of Germany and the rest of the world.  I am a Crossfitter and I specialise in Crossfit and sports injuries, mobility, stability, and prevention of injuries during sport.  On the website you will find all kinds of information about Applied Kinesiology, American Chiropractic, Sports medicine and many other topics of interest.  There is also a blog on the website where you can ask me about health issues or injuries.

In the Blog you will find videos on mobility, stability, and neurobility.  They will help you treat the nagging injuries or hidden neurological faults that are holding you back from your next PB.

In the world of Crossfit, the biggest thing that is missing is treatment.  You can fix a lot of things yourself and I will show you many ways in which to do that.  But I will also help you recognize when a real treatment is necessary.  Treatment from a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in Crossfit will help accelerate healing, restore proper mechanics and neurological function, and improve performance.  I bring an understanding of what it means to do Crossfit and other sports because I understand the movements and mechanics involved as well as an understanding of the importance of not just losing fitness, but reaching the next goal.

I believe you will find the website useful and if there is anything I can do to help you get to the next level, I am here for you.

Box Doc

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