Applied Kinesiology

[:en]Applied Kinesiology is a diagnosis and treatment protocol that employs muscle testing as a tool to access the body’s nervous system.  When there is a problem in the nervous system, a muscle can become inhibited or “weak”, which means it will still function, however not at 100%.  These inhibitions can be caused by persistent reflexes from old injuries, a pinched nerve, a biochemical imbalance, a fault in the cranio-sacral mechanism, a vascular insufficiency, an electromagnetic imbalance in the chinese acupuncture meridian system, and/or many other things.  With all of these to consider, a typical structural injury may not be caused by a structural problem, but the dysfunction in the structural mechanics is only a manifestation of what is really going on in the body.

Health is not just the absence of disease.  It is a state of optimal body function.  By addressing the structural, biochemical, and emotional aspects of health, the root cause of a specific problem can be diagnosed and treated.  Applied Kinesiology uses techniques from several different disciplines ranging from chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, neurology, nutrition, and many others.

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