Doctor of Chiropractic vs. Chiropraktiker

What is the difference?  Isn’t it just a translation?

A Doctor of Chiropractic has attended a specialized school of medicine focusing on treatment of health problems using many alternative medicine disciplines.  He first attained a 4 year Bachelor degree followed by 5 years of postgraduate education.  The Doctorate of Chiropractic is at the same level of education as a Medical Doctor or Phd. in that it is a long and rigorous journey lasting up to 10 years.  The beginning 4-5 semesters of chiropractic and medical school are very similar in the study of the basic sciences including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, neurology, and microbiology to name a few.  At about the halfway point, the clinical applications of the treatment of health problems begins.  In medical school, the students learn the western medicine approach to healthcare using drugs, physiotherapy, and surgery.  In chiropractic school, students learn alternative approaches to healthcare including chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and many other techniques.  The last 2.5 years are spent in a clinic setting observing trained chiropractors and eventually treating patients of their own.  At the end  of the last semester, there is a large written and practical exam along with a lengthy paper on a selected topic.  Upon the passing of these exams, the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic is awarded.

In Germany there are mainly a few types of doctors that carry the title of “Doctor”.  These people have attended conventional medical school and have a basis of treating health problems with traditional western medicine.  Sometimes these doctors may take seminars in alternative medicine as part of their continuing education.  They may take courses on “Chirotherapie” and may call themselves “chiropraktiker” afterward.

The difference is that a Doctor of Chiropractic trained in America has over 5000 hours of training and is highly specialized in the principles and techniques of chiropractic.  The titles “chiropraktiker”  or “chirotherapeut” are often confused with the title of  Doctor of Chiropractic.  Medical doctors and heilpraktiker who have taken technique seminars may use these titles and offer “Chirotherapie”. The Doctor of Chiropractic should not be placed in the same classification as they are much more specialized in the discipline.

Dr. Kurtz is a highly trained and skilled Doctor of Chiropractic practicing American Chiropractic as it was meant to be practiced.  Applying the principles and techniques of chiropractic with the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of Applied Kinesiology (created also by an American Chiropractor George Goodheart) makes for a great combination and gets positive results.

Below are 2 charts comparing the number of hours in each subject I had at my chiropractic college compared with medical schools.  As you can see, the training is extensive and exceeds the hours of medical students in most areas, especially nutrition. (Click to enlarge)

nuhs hours together


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