[:en]Dr. Kurtz has done Crossfit since October, 2013 and has been on the Medical Staff of the Crossfit Meridian Regional Finals in 2015 and 2016.  He has worked on some of the best crossfitters in Europe.  He knows what it takes to push yourself during a WOD to reach your goals.  It takes dedication and commitment to make yourself better than you were yesterday.  Unfortunately, injuries do occur in the process.  With his training and participation in Crossfit, Dr. Kurtz understands the injuries that can occur during workouts and what causes them.  He offers not only manual treatment, but exercises, stretches,mobility,stability, nutrition, kinesiotaping, and gets you on your way back to being your best in the box.



The biggest thing missing from Crossfit is treatment.  Treatment in this case doesn’t always mean “injury treatment”.  It means with any intense sport comes stress to the body.  The body is wonderful at compensating for any small injuries or muscle imbalances that may develop during intense training.  Often these are not even felt by the athlete because of adrenalin or is disregarded as muscle soreness from working out.  It is the small things that develop into bigger ones.  This is why a periodic treatment is critical in not just avoiding injury, but PREVENTING them.  It is not necessary to go to the doctor for every little pull or twinge; this is clear.  If something starts to nag after 1 or 2 weeks, then it is time to do something.  It is easier to treat something after a couple weeks than it is to treat something after a couple months.

Injuries often occur for a couple reasons: one is when we exceed our range of motion.  a second is when movement mechanics are bad (often due to a lack of range of motion somewhere).  If you keep your joint range of motion wider, then it takes more motion to exceed it where it starts to tear up tissues.  If the range is restricted, it doesn’t take as much motion in order to start tearing things and the injury is MUCH more severe(longer recovery).  With a periodic treatment it is possible to treat new injuries before they become big ones and also keep the range of motion (especially in the spine) free enough to allow good form and prevent/minimise injury.  This all sounds great, but more importantly to the Crossfitter is that it will optimize your performance!  Imagine better WOD times, getting further in the Crossfit Open or other events, and shattering personal bests.  This is what Dr. Kurtz is all about helping you achieve.  That is why he is the “Box Doc”.[:de]Here I talk about Crossfit and all the injuries and treatment that go along with it…[:]

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