[:en]Is your fibula ruining your knee stability during a squat?[:]

[:en]The joint between the tibia and fibula by the outside of the knee can become unstable, subluxated, or traumatized.  When this happens, the peroneal group muscles on the lateral lower leg becomes weak (neurologically inhibited).  It is key in working with the muscles of the hip to get the knee out, stabilize the ankle, and improve the stability of the knee during the the squat, snatch, or thruster.  Here I show you how to fix it with a simple mobilization to improve the strength and neurological function of the peroneal group and therefore improve the mechanics of the squat.

If you have any questions, post them here on the blog and I will be happy to answer them.  If you need a reply in German, let me know and ich kann auch auf Deutsch antworten.  😀

Enjoy the video!


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