Dr. Kurtz has advanced post graduate training in sports medicine.  It is important to note that sports medicine is a specialty as it is specific to sports.  There are many who claim to treat sports injuries, yet have no advanced training because they assume a sprained ankle is a sprained ankle and the treatment is the same.  This is simply not the case.  When an athlete is injured, especially during the season, it is important that the athlete return to a high level of performance as soon as possible.  If he is a paid athlete, it is even more urgent that he return to the field of play.  Therefore, the doctor must know the specific demands of the sport, how it relates to the athlete’s injury, when the athlete can return, and most importantly, how to treat the injury to optimise his return to previous level of play with minimal setbacks.

Dr. Kurtz is the team doctor for the Munich Cowboys American Football team in the GFL Bundesliga.  If there is a sport with many injuries, it is american football.  As the team doc he sees everything from sprained ankles to concussions and stingers.  In american football, the team who wins often is the team with the least injuries; especially to their star players.  There was a star player who had a stinger (neck injury where nerves are stretched and the arm goes numb) who would have sat out of several games if he didn’t get proper treatment.  But he didn’t miss a single game and was nominated for league MVP because he was a tackling monster linebacker.

Dr. Kurtz also works with Olympic lifters, footballers, hockey players, triathletes, cyclists, and many others.  He has worked at large events such as the 2015 Crossfit Meridian Regionals and the Athlete Games in 2016.

Dr. Kurtz  participates in many sports himself; one of which is Crossfit.  If it is one thing that Crossfitters hate, it is to be laid up with a nagging injury that never gets better.  It affects performance during WOD’s and ultimately can make it difficult to finish a whole competition as there will be exercises that the athlete just can’t do because of pain or dysfunction.  Dr. Kurtz knows the techniques of the movements involved in Crossfit, as well as the potential injuries involved.  That should be involved in your decision on where you go if you are injured.  It is the goal of the Box Doc to get the athlete not just out of pain, but getting them to their next Personal Best!


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